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Bernd Fischer from Germany
21st June 2006
Special Permission was granted to allow the Joey Dunlop Foundation to demolish the existing proerty and prepare the site
Local Builders - Andy Faragher with Sidecar TT winners, Nick Crowe and Darren Hope in the basket, removing the tiles from the roof of the old house. Foundation members - Kevin Quirk, John Watterson and Bruce Baker, following the progress of the demolition
The History of the Joey Dunlop Foundation

The charity has always promoted that its main aim is to provide disabled accessible accommodation for disabled visitors who wish to visit the Isle of Man

The original concept of the Joey Dunlop Lodge was that land would be provided to the Foundation on to which the disabled accommodation would be built. The estimated cost of the build was going to be in the region of £350k. The charity then set to work on raising the necessary funds.

TT 2001 was to be the big fundraising boost that was to kick start the project but due to the foot and mouth disaster the TT was cancelled and the charity suffered as a result. Although the first year was a poor start, the Foundation pressed on and in 2003 we had enough funds to commence the building work.....

Then came the next momentous set back! The land that was promised to us was suddenly no longer going to be made available and the Foundation had the task of finding another location. We needed somewhere close to the Grandstand and by chance a property was available on Victoria Road next to the old prison that was fairly close to the TT Grandstand. The only thing that was going to set us back was that the cost of the land was £200k plus all the additional fees involved with buying a property and demolishing the existing property. We decided to go for this option and plans were drawn up for a two storey lodge with six large rooms.

Planning was refused due to lack of car parking that would be available, also there had to be a designated kitchen / dining area so this required another set of plans with one room being removed. The parking was still an issue so we had to do yet another set of plans, this time with underground parking and an additional level onto the building. This was creating much more work for our architect than was ever imagined at the beginning! The cost of the build had also risen dramatically to approximately £700k. This new figure is Double the estimated cost of the original planned building that was drawn up back in 2001!

Undeterred, the Foundation have continued on with the fundraising efforts and the bank balance is increasing all the time. This is not only down to the hard work and long hours of the small number of committee members but down to the huge generosity from the Joey Dunlop Supporters all over the World!

Over the Winter months of 2007 we looked at the possibility of siting 3 luxury pine lodges onto the land but this idea was not going to satisfy the Planning Department due to the fact that they would not support the idea of single story buildings. We then decided to look at fitting these lodges in with two side by side and another perpendicular on top with a pitched roof thus giving the apperance of a two story building. Alas this was not going to be supported by the company who build these units.

The committee had to come up with another way forward, one that would be more feasible!
TT 2007

Vastly different from the original drawings which were made back in 2001

The changes have been made due to the positioning & size of land that was bought. We also had to provide the two additional parking spaces which can be clearly seen next to the main entrance.

The changes have increased the building costs dramatically but it has also made the final building far more impressive!
Braddan Bridge House

In July 2008 the Joey Dunlop Foundation Trustee's began talks with the Isle of Man Government over the posibility of purchasing Braddan Bridge House. The property, 'being Braddan Bridge House' was bought by the Government prior to road highway alterations. Once the new mini-roundabouts were completed the property was available for the JDF to purchase. The benefits that this site offers is; large size, ample car parking, location, close to Nobles Hospital and other amenities, internal modification only, possibility for expansion in the future.

The JDF realised that the previous project, (which was the Victoria Road site) was going to be unachievable due to the immense construction costs involved. Other ideas were explored but all to no avail. All efforts were then focused on the Braddan Bridge scheme. The site on Victoria Road was sold with the funds from the sale added to the charities banked capital. This was then used to pay for the Braddan Bridge property. More funding will be needed to cover the alterations required to convert the building into seperate self-contained apartments. We are looking for donations to help pay for builders, materials, Lift, Viewing balcony, equipment and all the associated fitting and fixings.

The main aim of the JDF has always been to creat visitor accommodation that will open up the Isle of Man to visitors with disability. All apartments will include wet room facilities with level access. When completed it will be available all year round for all visitors needing specialist facilities. To ensure this building is fitted out to compliment Joey's stature your continued support is greatly appreciated and the fund raising campaign continues.
Severe lack of funding and huge construction costs meant that this project had to be scrapped and a more cost efective solution needed to be found. This caused great disappointment to all the JDF committe, supporters and of course the Dunlop family.
Original Drawings from 2001
These were the original plans showing what was to be built on land that was promised to the charity. It was to contain 6 rooms with a layout similar to that of travel lodges (Premier Travel Inn's) in the UK
The Joey Dunlop Holiday Home was formally opened on the 6th June 2010 by Linda Dunlop accompanied by John McGuinness. The furnishings such as beds, bedroom furniture, shower chairs and mattresses have all come courtesy of the Manx Lottery Trust and is valued at over £44,000.

Bookings are being taken and people are asked to contact Chairman Kevin Quirk (01624 677741 or email and supply dates as well as the number of persons within the party. Costs are £500 + VAT for a weeks stay in the Large 3 Bedroom Apartment, £300 + VAT for the 2 Bedroom Apartment and £200 +VAT for the single bedroom apartment.

Thank you to all the loyal supporters who have helped us over the years and we hope that you continue to help the Foundation keep the holiday home running in future years.
Braddan Bridge House - Joey's Holiday Home!
The above map will guide you to Braddan Bridge House. From Douglas traveling along the TT Course to Braddan turn off at the Jubilee Oak Roundabout and head toward the Hospital. Just before Braddan School turn left into River Walk Estate and follow the road down past all the houses until you reach the TT Access Road. Follow this narrow road until you see the JDF Private Driveway.
(picture left) Platform lift that gains access to the first floor, (above) one of the wet rooms with a shower-chair (right) one of two mobile hoists that are available to those who may require them.